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Anchordocking: "Evaluate/modify" gets undocked from time to time


Hello, and a happy new year to everyone.

I use anchordocking in the IDE and observe that the "evaluate/modify" window (which I have docked along with several others (watches, call stack, object inspector, etc.) into a single window pane) gets undocked from time to time. I cannot say that this happens in a certain situation; to me it seems to happen randomly.

I always use Ctrl-F7 to switch to "evaluate/modify". Most of the time, this activates the corresponding tab in my collection of frequently used tools (as I said, watches, call stack, etc.), but sometimes it immediately undocks this window which is then being shown floating.

Its no problem to dock it again afterwards, but I wonder whether anybody else observes this behavior as well and whether there is anything one can do about it.


Have you autosave of the desktop activated ? I always deactivate this, because i did not want to store unwanted desktopbehavior. For me, this is the best, if i change something in the desktop, i always say store the changes by hand.


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