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For the most part, attempting to look at a page/topic happens reasonably quickly, however, every now and then, attempting to load a page leads to a timeout.  Telling the browser to attempt loading the page again is usually successful but, still on the slow side.  This seems to happen after a period of inactivity greater than (guesstimate) 5 minutes.

After that "spot" of slowness then everything seems to work at a normal speed again until, you stop accessing the forum for a few minutes (5 or more) and the problem repeats.

Has anyone been experiencing this ?  I ask because before the server maintenance this behavior was not present.

Thank you for your input.

No, not happen to me. Also no idea.

We did have an issue, where every so often loading pages would hang for 30 to 60 seconds (with very occasional spikes of maybe even 90 secs). We identified this, and currently the delay is down to 5 to 10 secs with spikes of 15.
(Times are from my own testing, not checked the logs).
This is still being looked into.
If our diagnosis is correct this is to do with the database engine.

The above issue does not depend on your access pattern. It happens at random. (And no, it is not related to the total amount of users online neither)

In any case your description does not sound related to this.

Thank you Martin.

I don't know why it happens but, I've noticed that every time I don't access any forum page for over  5 to 10 minutes then I get a time out.  I got 2 timeouts before being able to read your reply.

Interestingly, after one or two timeouts then response time is fine.

I only noticed a longer load time as if the server is taking more time processing a page request. No time-out thus far.


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