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--- Quote from: JuhaManninen on December 29, 2021, 05:21:48 pm ---
--- Quote from: af0815 on December 29, 2021, 05:06:33 pm ---Maybe some ideas from the actual Example-Screen and OPM.

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Do you mean ideas for an Online Example Project system?

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Yes, you must be able to search by a keyword. In the ExampleProjects , this is often done by enter few letters and you hope to find a project with this word :-)

OPM is IMHO based on a json, with a lot more features and information. So a keyword based search is more possible. A program can use eventually the information from VersionsInfo to make it similar to a package in OPM.

--- Quote from: JuhaManninen on December 29, 2021, 05:21:48 pm ---
--- Quote ---And help is not Example, and can reference to the example system.

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Do you mean the Help menu should have entries for example projects, too?

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Yes or inserted links to the sample projects. Or the keywords can bypassed from lhelp to the sampleproject manager.

--- Quote from: JuhaManninen on December 29, 2021, 05:21:48 pm ---
--- Quote ---BTW, is the fppkg system for Lazarus too ? OPM is well known in Lazarus, but fppkg more a hidden secret system for IMHO the most user.

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The design goal was that fppkg supports both FPC and Lazarus code. It does not work well yet. It only has a small set of FPC packages to test with. I don't know more about the technical challenges there.

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But to change a well working system to a 'not well working' system, is not a target. And the actual OPM system is stable. So if you want to seperate the samples from Lazarus, you should use a stable base. Actual i think a fast way is to use the technique of OPM and start. On the other side you have to wait for a realy working fppkg system (for Lazarus too). I think fppkg will make a brake through with dynamics packages in the future.


--- Quote from: dseligo on December 29, 2021, 03:47:07 pm ---I like Online Package Manager tool.
It would be nice if similar tool would exist for examples (maybe in Help menu of Lazarus).

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I don't think we need a new tool for that.

If someone want to provide examples, the OPM can be used as it.
- Just make an empty package
- create an example folder in the package
- put your examples into that folder
- get the package added to OPM

The only thing that needs to be done, is for the "example window" in the IDE, to search all the <packagedir>/example/ folders (optional).

If (and that is an "if and only if") this takes off (i.e. if contributor pop up, and create example packages) the OPM window can easily have a button added "open example manager" (and set a filter for the examples of the selected package). But that is an "if and only if". No point adding, unless there will be packages with examples.

Doing it via opm, and the "example window" searching packages, also offers the advance that existing packages (e.g. packages that add new components), can include examples for those components.

That said, it will still be a good idea to have some examples included in the IDE distro itself. So that still needs addressing.

And, no matter if packages come via OPM or are included, if they should be presented, that presentation may need to be polished. And that presentation is the "example window"

Sorry, Martin. This is not a good idea: It will be an unacceptable burdon to GetMem who handles all the additions to OPM manually. And unless "examples" are separated from "components" in some kind of GUI, components will be buried underneath loads of examples.


--- Quote from: JuhaManninen on December 29, 2021, 01:55:57 pm ---
--- Quote ---
--- Quote ---* Copy the deb/rpm installed example to user space when 'chosen' by the user.

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That sounds strange. Why should we use Linux distro package system for Lazarus examples?

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Because, from what I understand, one of the issues in the bug report is that end users who install Lazarus using deb/rpm/pakman etc end up with it all in Read Only space.  Its not a packaging thing, its a ReadOnly issue. So, if they try a build an example project, it cannot write. I, personally always build from source but lots and lots of people install distro packages.

This, of course a *nix problem and WP is a Windows user. Hmm....

I like the other suggestions made.

WP, the category model ?  I'd really like to see all the examples have a readme file (and its contents displays as per the existing GUI) and that seems like a great way to categorize them at the same time. And maybe some keywords ?  So, maybe the first two line of the readme has (eg) -

Category : beginner
Keywords : buttons, memo

Categories need to be agreed on, [ beginner, example, test ...]


My two cents worth:

1) Remove all the examples from the distributions
2) Add an Examples entry to the Lazarus IDE Help menu (separate FPC and Lazarus?)
3) Link to a to-be-created Wiki page which lists example category pages
4) Add examples to appropriate yet-to-be-created category pages
5) Example entry in Wiki links to SourceForge/Github/Gitlab for the source for each example


* Reduces distribution size (I didn't even know there were examples)
* Avoids read-only issues
* Adds missing "readme" info
* Allows ANYONE to add examples, info etc
* Removes any load on the dev team(s)


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