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Missing LibC when trying to build FPC

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In case, you are still stuck. Here come some explanations and suggestions how to fix.

This missing libc error shows up on macOS 11 and up, because the default linker path does not contain the sdk any longer, but must be stated explicitly. It can be resolved by adding the option
either to the command in the command line or to the general or local config file of fpc ($PREFIX/etc/fpc.cfg or ~/.fpc.cfg).

I maintain the package descriptions on macports and fink and have resolved this issue. At the moment, macports version of fpc is 3.2.2, but does on Intel only and not on arm. I have submitted a fix for arm yesterday and expect it to be accepted within days.

The package description for fink has 3.2.2 and it works, but fink is still experimental on macOS 11 and up.



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