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rtfpars vs rtfparspre211
« on: December 28, 2021, 06:30:36 pm »
@skalogryz - Upon writing a simple RTFToPlain converter I was glad to find an example on how to process Unicode chars in your TRTFMemoParser. However, when trying to use that code with the FCL rtfpars unit I had to find that the ClassCallback for rtfUnknown seems no longer to be called for \u - reason is that some time after your 'fork' of TRTFParser the FCL one seems to have introduced another flag rtfUnicodeID, so that it now calls  rtfControl with rtfMajor=rtfSpecialChar and rtfMinor=rtfUnicodeID. No big deal but isn't it a pity that the two parsers seems to run more and more apart? Wouldn't it be worth to make (another?) effort to sort of re-integrate them?
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