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MySQL UTF8 problem with solution


I had a very strange problem today. After a while I solved it, although still do not 100% understand it. I hope it can help someone later, reading it.

I had two very similar (freepascal, command line) programs, both working on the same database. I did insert/update with tSQLQuery using :param  and Params.ParamByName('param').AsString := s;

In one of the programs UTF8 characters worked as it should, but in the other they did not. I tried all the tricks said in different places in the wiki/forum, like making a "set names 'utf8'", "set character set 'utf8'", set CharSet to 'UTF8', 'utf8', 'utf8mb4' but nothing worked.
I also tried that instead of using :param, just entering the value directly in the SQL.Text and then it works! Still this is not OK for SQL injection, so I went on.

Then I noticed that the working program had LazUtils as a dependency set, so I also made that, but still not working. Then I moved over the units used and when I added laz2_XmlRead then it started to work.
Since the second program does not do any XML activity, I thought it is one of the other units implicitly linked in when laz2_XmlRead is added, so logically I replaced it with lazutf8 and it works with that.

It is still strange to me, that even if I added uses lazutf8; to a units implementation section and the actual query is in another unit, it still works. So, it is clearly not a function calling reference (anyway the program compiles without LazUtils and lazutf8 as well), but a link time something.

So, this is the solution. Nonetheless, I would be happy if somebody could explain to me:
- why is it needed?
- why does any LazUtils unit work?
- How can it work from another unit?
- How is it possible that utf8 support works with SQL.Text but does not work with Params.ParamByName (unless LazUtils is linked)?

Can you print value of system variable DefaultSystemCodePage in case LazUtf8 is NOT used and then in case LazUtf8 is used.
I think, that when LazUtf8 is used then some procedure in initialization section of LazUtf8 unit is called, which causes altered behavior you observed ...

Thank you, you are right.

If I have no lazutf8 linked, then DefaultSystemCodePage is zero, but when I add it anywhere, it gets 65001.
What is strange I checked the Initialization section, it looks rather innocent. Only two lines:
where the first makes an array for all upcase characters and the second is an empty procedure.

Can it be, that some other places I call a function/procedure what has an overwritten version in  lazutf8 (though I did not find such a method either)?

Still, if lazutf8 is added it works, if not, the program still complies, runs, but the SQL table is spammed with garbage.

Yes 65001 is CP_UTF8. It affect default string code page. So if set correctly then strings gets transliterated correctly.

DefaultSystemCodePage is changed by call to SetMultiByteConversionCodePage.
This is presented in components/lazutils/fpcadds.pas (used in LazUtf8)
There is also modified widestring manager in in procedure InitLazUtf8;

See also note:


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