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Lazarus Object Inspector is inactive

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Now after your advice the F12 key works. BUT the Form Environment displays a form without any items which are present after compilation. So how can I open them in Form Environment ? Please see the attachment.

another attachment with form ater pressing F12 with no relationship to the compiled one.

OK, in the testall, testall.pp does not have a form associated with it. All it does is call another unit, testallform.pp that does have a form.

So, open that other unit and you will see what you expect.

Its a bit of a pity that the example project was not saved with the interesting form being opened by default, it would be a lot clearer for new users.

So, in TestAll, put the cursor on the word, tesallform on the Uses line, press Alt - UpArrow


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I don't think I have looked at the Lazarus examples before, having just done so now, I am not convinced I'd refer a beginner to them in the future.

Firstly, we start with everything selected and thats 360 projects, mostly demonstrating some relatively advanced techniques. Good example of what they are trying to show but not suitable for beginners IMHO.

Do we need a button labeled "beginners projects" ?  That shows a small number of projects that -

* Open by default with all units loaded.
* Have a useful readme.txt
* Don't feature any "look how clever I am" code ?
We do have lots of other, beginners content particularly on the wiki, but that "example projects" button is pretty tempting.


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1) Getting a form / Testing F12 (or Menu: "View" > "Toggle Form/Unit")

Menu: "Project" > "New Project"
Then choose: "Application"

This will have an empty form. And you can add Buttons, Labels, .... on that form.

2) Form not part of the "single block" one window (Form is not docked)

You notice the form is not part of the big single IDE window.

There is a package (Menu "Package" > "Install/Uninstall packages") named "DockedFormEditor".

- I have not used/tested it
- It may be only in Lazarus 2.2 (If you can't find it in 2.0.12, then try download 2.2RC2)
- I do not know, if it works ok. I think some people use it with success. Other people said they have problems.
  You need to test yourself.

If you test "DockedFormEditor", and you see a problem: Ask here, and if the answer is "it is a bug" => then please report it on our bugtracker (search first, if already reported).

Remember: It can only be fixed, if someone makes a report.

3) Examples / Example folder

They are not made for "first steps in Pascal". Also not for "first steps with the IDE".
They are not a tutorial or introduction.

3a) Documentation
We know that documentation is not perfect. And that it can be hard to find the correct "help page".

We had some help, from some volunteers. (Great efforts, many thanks to those).

You can try the following pages to start:
- Look at entries that start with "Lazarus"
- google ;)


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