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Happy and safe Christmas

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--- Quote from: GAN on December 25, 2021, 11:09:13 pm ---Do you speak Spanish?

--- End quote ---
Yes, I do but, for computer lingo, I do much, much better in English.

Best wishes for the season, prosperity and good health for the New Year.

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Anybody can get depressed at this time of year, with the short days and overcast skies, so I always try to give those around me a reason to be positive.

After about the 12th December, Sunset will start getting later.

Roughly the 21st December is the shortest day.

On about the 25th December, noon (i.e. the point at which the Sun is at its highest point) is at 12:00. The relationship is complex, based on the ellipticity and obliquity of the Earth's orbit around the Sun (few people challenge me on this).

After about the 1st January, Sunrise gets earlier.

I remember when the British government tried to stay on UTC+1 for the entire year, circa 1971. It was extremely unpleasant in the winter: I'd be far happier to stay on GMT, which in some ways would be appropriate since after all we invented this stuff :-)

I'd like to see the Midnight Sun, but my father told me it was nothing special: he was a guest of the Germans in Norway at the time.

Some years ago, an RC teacher said that "We're told that we should now use green chalkboards, since it is more relaxing on the eyes. But the Good Lord made the whole World green..."

If anybody's still reading this, please consider this as important: there's various SAD treatments based on bright light, but my experience suggests that the important thing is to have a very wide angle display of green light. So come on, chaps: if you feel miserable, get outside, find a public park or footpath route and move around rather than staying at home feeling sorry for yourselves.


Thanks, and best wishes to everyone.

Hmm, Mark, the Sun sets here at about 8:45pm, maybe its a different sun ?



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