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LAMW complaining about "AndroidWidget not found"

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Hi, @Mongkey!

--- Quote ---Try using another installer like fpcupdeluxe, may be your problem gone, sometimes trying another tools are best scenario
--- End quote ---

Yes, I may try that too. Anyway, "Option a" from here http://here: seems to be as simple as installing any other Lazarus package. The real trouble is installing the large amount of ugly and cumbersome bloatware which constitute the so-called "infrastructure" for developing even the most humble Android apps (sort of using an ICBM to kill a mosquito...).

With best wishes,


--- Quote from: maurobio on December 23, 2021, 02:10:26 pm ---(sort of using an ICBM to kill a mosquito...).

--- End quote ---

Don't despise the mosquitos!
Even if a mosquitois not of greater art than a cheetah, it is not of lesser art. ;D

In my spare time, I manually create a working environment guide for android. Then I will support it with a video and post it here as soon as possible.

Hi, @loaded!

As a biologist, I surely do not despise any living critter! I just intended to use a metaphor (perhaps a lame one at that).

Anyway, regarding mosquitoes, I have been bitten by many, some carrying dengue and zika fever viruses - but have never been bitten by a cheetah! ;).

With best wishes,

Hi, I resolved this problem by rebuilding Lazarus IDE, when completed the problem was gone.


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