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LAMW complaining about "AndroidWidget not found"

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Dear ALL,

I just installed LAMW Manager from here:, installing it according to the instructions in that page. Installation took a long time but, as far as I could see, it was pretty successful.

Then, I started following the fine tutorial here: to create a "Hello, World" app. I created a new LAMW project as a "LAMW GUI Android Module" but when I attempted to add a "jButton" from the "Android Bridges" components tab, I got the error:  "Error: unit not found: AndroidWidget" and no button was added to the module.

Have I done something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

With best wishes,


very  weird....

But, what about add "AndroidWidget" to "uses"?

Hi, @jmpessoa!

Thanks for your reply.

The "AndroidWidget" unit is already included in both the project source and the main unit. I attach the project files for your perusal.

Very weird, and above all, quite frustrating, as I was eager to give the first steps towards creating Android apps with FPC/Lazarus/LAMW.  :(

Again, thanks for your help and patience!

With best wishes,


Please, try a simple "Run" -> "Build", it works/Success ?


In my LAMW system "AndroidWidget.pas" unit is here:


Can you find ""AndroidWidget.pas" in your LAMW  system?

Hi, @jmpessoa!

--- Quote ---Please, try a simple "Run" -> "Build", it works/Success ?
--- End quote ---

Yes, but just with an "empty" module (without any GUI controls).

--- Quote ---Can you find ""AndroidWidget.pas" in your LAMW  system?
--- End quote ---

It is here: C:\lamw_manager\LAMW\lazandroidmodulewizard\android_bridges\

Notice: everything related to LAMW has been installed by the LAMW Manager int the C:\lamw_manager folder (and below).

Should I remove everything, and re-install?  :-\

Thank you very much!

With best wishes,


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