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I want make extrasuper arcade game, so decided use spirits. Then as geniuse I decided make own engine, no, The Engine!!!! of it. So can you recommend anything to read about how from rectangular bitmap make trapezium and... oblique trapezium.
I think, can find rotation formulas easily. It's something about sicus and nonseus of angle..... x=x0*sincos, y=y0*-cossin or vice verza...
How aprox it should be shown on pic.
Mathematical words I took from wikipetia. I bad with english.

Я думаю достаточно немало литературы, описывающей всё что вы хотите сделать вручную. Вам надо искать литературу в основном 1990-х - 2010-х годов.
(какой ваш родной язык?)

Eng: I think there is quite a lot of literature describing everything that you want to do manually. You should be looking for literature mainly from the 1990s - 2010s.
(what is your native language?)

Россиянский язык есть моя родной, как я всегда говорить, хотя я умею эрративы. Нимношк.

Дело в том, что я точно помню, что видел эти преобразования в книжке конца 80-х, но не помню, как она называлась. Там было и про двухмерную, и про трёхмерную графику. Составлялись фигуры из примитивов, рисовались мощнейшие кружки и собаки с помощью обратной трассировки. Ещё помню там были то ли самолётики, то ли космолётики.

Rissinian language are my nativest, as i say always, and I can erratives. Tiny.

BTW, i exactly remembering that 've seen this transitions before in book of late 80's, but cannot recall its name. There were and about 2D and about 3D graphics. Were made complex figures from primitives, were drawn powerful mugs and dogs with reversed ray tracing.
Also remember there were small planes or spaceships.

Думаю на форуме gamedev лучше поспрашивать. У меня на руках есть книжка, но там код паскаля достаточно "древний". Точнее его ещё перерабатывать надо.
"Иванов, Батраков. Трёхмерная компьютерная графика. 1995"

Но там вроде нет сложных объектов. Посмотри.

Eng: I think it is better to ask around on the forum gamedev. I have a book in my hands, but there the Pascal code is quite "ancient". More precisely, it still needs to be processed.
"Ivanov, Batrakov. Three-dimensional computer graphics. 1995"

But there seems to be no complex objects. Look.


What graphics library did you use? I am currently learning OpenGL and building my own engine. Previously I used TCanvas, it worked and already supported z-transparent mouse click selection, etc. Unfortunately it run slowly if there were too many sprites. So I decided to rewrite it to use OpenGL.

So I just want to warn you, if you do not use hardware accelerated graphics library, soon you will have performance issue. What you want to do seems can be easily done using OpenGL.


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