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[FOUND A SOLUTION] TLazSerial component has a major bug

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Awesome Programmer:
 :) :) :)

Thank you all for your inputs and suggestions including Jurassic Pork.

Well, I took your advice BosseB. I skipped TLazSerial and went straight to Synaser. My program actually communicates without SPIKING up the CPU USAGE. While communication (READING INCOMING SERIAL DATA ONLY), CPU usage hovering around 0% to 4% not like before 25% to 30% I am in SHOCK... I've been at this for couple of days since last week.

Well, if this is the case, I may have to do a major modification to my program. I was under the impression it was my program or Synaser was having an issue. However, this is a special case scenario. For Normal Serial Communication (Sending Request and Receiving Response), TLazSerial does work as expected and there is no CPU SPIKE.

Thanks again guys,
Have a great day. :) :) :)

For non-gui components are BAD. for gui they are GOOD.
I never, ever use non-visual components.


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