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I don't use the Lazarus Ide. I use Geany ide. (or the devpas ide sometimes), I use windows.
If I need a unit I find it from the freepascal installation and pop it into a dedicated folder which I point to via command line options in Geany.
Not using Lazarus is a huge disadvantage in a Lazarus forum (of course), but I like freepascal and still like to contribute in a restricted way.
I have Lazarus on board, as it were, but the more I use it the less I like it, sorry to say, but there are not many pascal forums about these days.
(Probably get booted out now)
Good Luck.

Tony Stone:

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Good Luck.

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Very doubtful!  Of all of the forums I am on I think this one here may have some of the coolest people!  I used to use Geany until i got back into Pascal.  Geany is nice, clean and simple... like Lazarus.   :)

I am curious, please tell me more.

I know Lazarus-IDE is not perfect, I experience some minor issues too. But, it has many useful features. Like: hint when mouse hovering on identifier, ctrl+click on identifier, code completion, desktop (customize-able layout), project inspector, well-integrated with debugger and good tool for building GUI applications.

I don't mean the others are inferior, but I would like know what are the interesting features of the Geany, Dev-Pascal IDE and others. Maybe I might use them too.

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--- Quote from: BobDog on December 12, 2021, 12:17:59 pm ---I have Lazarus on board, as it were, but the more I use it the less I like it,

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An IDE needs to complement your way of doing things, else it is more of a hindrance than helpful. In my opinion Lazarus is particularly suited to people who have worked with Delphi before.

Another IDE to consider is MSEide, quite a bit different compared to Lazarus.

Lazarus is powerfull, Stable IDE, maybe you do not habituated to use it, you can customize it to be small if you delete some packages.
First times using it , I have the same opition about it, Now, I do not use other IDE then it.
Even Delphi I do not open it.
May be there is little functionnality that are not enaught done, But It is the best.
 It is very stable.


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