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use the beautiful linux themes on windows

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hello brothers a question, how can I use some themes that are in linux (fedora, ubuntu) to be able to use them in windows, for example the QEMU program uses the "adwaita" theme of fedora in windows.
I am ignorant on this subject, please if someone has a small example I would appreciate it, I find those linux themes beautiful and I would like to use them in windows, I leave you an example image, greetings brothers.  :)

Let Windows be Windows and Linux be Linux.

It is the GTK+ library.  Compile your application to use GTK+ instead of WinAPI.  Of course your application will need the GTK+ DLL files.

hello friends, I have tried the program "Change GTK2 Appearance" and apparently it changes the themes in windows similar to linux.
but it does not change the window decoration (title bar and system buttons), someone knows how I can change the window decoration similar to that of linux please.  :(
PS: the qemu program in windows uses a linux theme and window decoration.

any idea friends ?


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