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Strange issue with GLScene

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Only compiling t0 64-bit.
Going to test a very simple app with GLScene

I made a spinning cube according to the example in GLSceneGuide_v1.9.pdf,
compiled it on laptop(lazarus 2.0.10 FPC 3.2.0) - working fine,
zipped the code together with the compiled exe,
copied it the the desktop,
ran the exe on desktop - working fine,
compiled the code once again in lazarus on desktop(lazarus 2.0.12 FPC 3.2.0),
ran it - flashing window where I could see the cube rotating.

Something is different, but what? %)

One thing that might has an impact is that I think the desktop has been a gaming computer.

If anyone has a clue on how to fix that it would be appreciated %)


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