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FPDebugger does not show values of LCL components


Dear Martin,

I tested FPDebug today (I used GDB before).

What I miss with GDB and what is maybe possible with FPDebugger is if the debugger could deliver the content of LCL fields. For example i have a TFloatSpinEdit named "hello" and need to see what is currently its value. So I tried to highlight "hello.Value". This only delivers me "???" and not the value

Attached is an example screenshot. You can see in the screenshot as well that I need temporary variables just for the debugging just to see the Value. it would be very cool if one could omit this and the debugger delivers me directly the .Value.

The same improvement would be nice for the content of .Text (for example TLineEdit).

Lazarus 2.2.0RC3 (rev lazarus_2_2_0_RC2-73-g0bf8dc1256)
FPC 3.2.3 x86_64-win64-win32/win64

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I assume those are properties with getter?
Explained half a dozen times here on the forum, why it does not yet work.

Joost has started on fixing it. It will need changes in the debug info written by FPC. So it will need a new major FPC release. Depending on when Joost gets it working, the earliest would then be FPC 3.4.0 (no idea when that will be / next is 3.2.4).

And on top of that, a few changes in Lazarus, to adapt to the fpc changes once those are done.

Thanks for this info. Maybe you pin a thread with your reply since this topic might pop up again and again.

A lot of topics pop up again and again.... I can't pin them all.

Actually, the fact that it does not (yet) work is on the wiki: (find the line "Watch/Inspect Class Properties")

And the background:

A very old reference is even on the FAQ:
EDIT: correct link:


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