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I just added a second part to the Lazarus Tutorial on the wiki with a new page:

Please comment and correct mistakes. You may do that directly in the wiki or report mistakes here in the thread.
Please have a closer look especially to the chapter LCL Internals.


That looks good. Thank you for writing the tutorial.

At the top of the page, right below the title, there was a link "Template:Lazarus Tutorial Part 2". What was that?

And if it is possible, I would suggest a downloadable of the sample project, so readers can compare his own with the proper-written one.

Hello Handoko,

the "Template:Lazarus Tutorial Part 2" was automatically created, I don't know how to remove that.

About the sample project I will check if its possible.

I think the part begining with "Learning the language" can be extracted as a standalone part ? 3 ?

And on the start of a page should be a link to the prio and next lesson. At the end a jumptable to all the lessons. So the navigation is faster and intuitive.

my 2 cents

There is also Howdy World (Hello World on steroids) in a similar tutorial vein followed by Peg Solitaire Tutorial.


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