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Lazarus IDE-Modbus Communication (Energy Analyzer, PascalSCADA)

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Hello to everyone.

I am new to Lazarus IDE. I have an energy analyzer. I want to receive hourly energy information from this analyzer. I did all the steps correctly by referencing a video I found on the internet. Even though I am connected to the analyzer, the Label always shows 0. What is the reason of this? Could it be due to the version of the Lazarus IDE?

Reference video:

Which analyzer you have it? As mentioned MPR63 or another?

Maybe you have to read diffrent address of the modbus rtu slave.

So as I remember pascalscada has got a log system maybe you should look into it for diagnostic of your system.

Here is the analyzer I used and its manual;

I specified the register addresses correctly

Have you applied the correct MemReadFunction normal 3 for a read on Modbus and the correct MemAdress according the Register-specs of the device.

The Video was dealing with a serial device, but you use tcp/ip. If the settings are not ok, you get nothing = 0.0.

--- edit: Install the RTTI components, put 3 TIPropertygrid on your form an connect on to the tcp_UDP_port, one to the proctocol and one to the Tag.
If you start, you can see the information like in the Objectinspector and look from the tcp_port upgoing if the any errormessage.

The Port must be Active and you should see TXBytes and RXBytes raising.
On the protocoldriver you see normal the AvgTagUpadateTime as a value not Zero
In the PLCTag, Comm* should be ok and the Last*Sync should ne ioOk

Hi af0815,

First of all, thank you for your answer.

I tried the process in the picture with TCP on PC. I just wanted to show you as an example. I performed all the operations related to the energy analyzer with the serial device (TSerialPortDriver). I followed the steps in the video exactly. MemAdress and MemRead Function values are also correct.


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