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want to install latest version of Lazarus over existing version


I have Lazarus for windows 64 bit version 2.0.6 and would like to update to the latest version.  Othere IDE's usually have a menu optioin on the IDE to update but I cant find that on Lazarus.   So if I download the latest version of Lazarus will it do everything necessary to get me updated or will I be confronted with controlling processes that I do not understand?

How did you install FPC/Lazarus ?

Used the download provision on the Lazarus site.   My concern is with any complications arising from installing over an existing installation.

See the Wiki article Installing Lazarus on Windows which suggests you might like to keep your old installation separate from the new one and describes how to do so.

Otherwise, if you really don't want to keep the old one, you can just run the new installer as if it was the first time you installed Lazarus. Me? I'd keep the old version to be sure, to be sure :)

Thanks I'll follow your suggestion


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