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You mean the demo attached to reply #10? There, the database provided is empty, there are no events.

Excuse me.
Here is de good attachment

You can see that Event2 hide Event1 when dragged over Event1.
It is not the case when Event2 is draged over Event3.

I don't understand. The screenshot TvPlanIt-same-events-1 shows your application at first start: Event2 and Event1 share the same time slot, both are visible, nothing's hidden --> as expected. Then I dragged Event2 over Event3 --> screenshot-2, as expected. Then I dragged Event2 back over Event1 again --> screenshot-3, as expected (well, the order is different -- is this relevant?). And finally I dragged also Event3 over the others --> screenshot-4, again as expected.

Are you sure that you installed the most recent version of TvPlanIt from CCR?

Here are my results for the 4 same situations. Quite different ? What am i doing wrong ?

I downloaded PlanIt on my PC from : Tree [r8180]  / components / tvplanit /
Windows 10
Lazarus 2.0.12

Checked TvPlanIt on Laz 2.0.12/FPC 3.2.0 (the previous tests were made with Laz/main and FPC 3.2.2) - no difference to my previous observations.

Running out of ideas...

Maybe this: Open file vpmisc.pas in the source folder of the TvPlanIt installation. Search for "SameTimeOrLater" and "SameTimeOrEarler". Do these functions exist? If they don't your installation is not up-to-date, contrary to your statement.

Or this: Did you recompile the tvplanit package after installation? if not the new code will not be be used. For simplicity, and to handle some other similar issues, do a clean rebuild of the entire IDE: "Tools" > "Configure Build Lazarus" > Check "Clean all" and "Switch after building to automatically" > Click "Build" - this will take some time, but everything related to an incomplete or outdated installation will be covered this way.


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