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Hello everyone,

I just did a simple test for PlanIt (see attachment, requires trunk version).
Everything goes well until I place 2 events in exactly the same place (same date and same time but with different "Description") => often (but not always) 1 of the 2 events disappears (only one event is visible).
The same appears with Overlay.
What am i missing ?
(you can use drag and drop to move events easily)

Thank you

The overlapping "same" events issue should be fixed now. It was caused by the typical "don't do this with floating point values" mistake: do not compare floats by using the = operator, but allow for a tolerance due to round-off errors.

There is still an issue with drag and drop: When I add the first event to a new database and drag the event to another time slot the event is not deleted from the original time slot.

I reinstalled the packege (r8177). Unfortunately, the same problem seems to persit unchanged on my test app.

Found another location which compares times using the >= and <= operators --> fixed. I do not see the disappearing "same" events any more, even when resources are overlaid.

If you still see the issue please give a description of the exact steps that I have to follow..

I send you an exemple (See attached app).

Event2 dragged on Event3 => OK
Event2 dragged on Event1 => Event2 disappears under Event1.


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