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Series using Builtin source visible at design but not runtime.


I added some data to a few series at designtime using the Builtin source. Looks like the attached pic. When the application runs, the series are not visible anymore. What to do?

You mean that series values are not stored when you add them to the DataPoints property of the built-in chart source at designtime? Yes, this is true, and it is one of the items on my to-do-list ( for which I do not have an idea how to solve it...

However, when you add a separate TListChartSource, link it to the series and enter the values to the DataPoints property of this external chartsource at designtime, the values will be preserved.

Changed to TListChartSource, all good.

An idea. Would it be possible to save the Builtin data if to borrow code from how TListChartSource does it? Both TListChartSource and BuiltIn seem to use the same DataPoint Editor.

I looked at the sources of both TListChartSource and DataPoint Editor but didn't find out where any saving takes place though.


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