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So many bugs in Lazarus Ide

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--- Quote from: nick1965 on December 03, 2021, 10:34:31 pm ---problem like that do not exists in Delphi.

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Well, stay with Delphi then?
Nobody forces you to use Lazarus.



--- Quote from: GetMem on December 02, 2021, 04:44:56 pm ---I have an uncontrollable urge to write something "nice" to nick1965, but I better restrain myself.
Good luck with Delphi!

Jeez! %)

Edit: Corrected typo.

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well i have luck sincer delphi 1 for win3.11 /workgroups
and since then never let me down.

Creating .exe,dlls,fastcgi,isapis for iis, Gui apps, Console apps and gues what if i was not  angry for 2 things which is bad in delphi i will never try lazarus.

1st)  You cannot run it on Windows 2008 r2 if you have aero them disable ( at least for android creations )
2nd) You have to pay a lot every year to be able to follow the sdk versions of android.
3rd) You cannot create Freebsd FastCgi apps or Console apps.

So the only reason i tried lazarus was for  Android And i think is Utopia  to try to install it.


--- Quote from: nick1965 on December 02, 2021, 03:08:17 pm ---why nothing works on lazarus?
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I think the better question is why you appear to be the only one for whom "nothing works".

I'd suggest that the best question is "After antagonising just about everybody who would normally expend a substantial amount of time and effort trying to help me, how do I salvage the situation?".

Look, I think we all appreciate that something's gone badly wrong here, but I think (OP) that you need to go back to a stable version of Lazarus/FPC on your chosen development platform, knock together one or two simple programs to satisfy yourself it works, and then /gradually/ familiarise yourself with Android development.



--- Quote from: RedOctober on December 03, 2021, 05:17:33 pm ---I switched from Delphi (after using it since Delphi 1 in 1996) to Lazarus (182) about four years ago.  I have built many apps, big and small.  My last one was a medical records system for a clinic.  I only use the stable released versions, never the trunk.  My apps are stable, compiles are consistent. Bugs I run into are my own.  I'll never go back to Delphi, Lazarus is just more sensible, many units are better thought out, and do more than in Delphi. In Delphi, I think they've moved to the subscription model, which I don't want, and Delphi is full of bugs that are never fixed, and if they are, a new set of bugs crops up, and the only way to get a bug fix is to get the next version.  Lazarus was built by programmers to be a tool for programmers, not big corp trying to milk everyone.

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So do it your self as i just did it.

1) download the ide as the 1st post suggest
2) Install it and open online package manager
3) Select Lamw
4) You will Get Error complane about scanners.

After 10 minutes search in google Replace .Scanners with .Parsers on .pas
5) try to compile
id is reloading

try to go to set paths for lamw directories

and the Everything is STUCK   

very nice for a "STABLE" version  lol   
i had enough maybe after 1-2 years if i am alive i try to reinstall it

thanks for all comments
Uninstalling for 5th time and last.

* Even the Uninstall is not working well it keeps trash on users\appdata


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