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So many bugs in Lazarus Ide

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I still need to keep a copy of Delphi operating due to my employer of my day job because they aren't so confident yet of lazarus compiles GUI apps plus there is a lib used in Delphi that is specific to a piece of hardware we talk to that i can't get enough info on to make our own drivers for it but I am still working on that one.

 I do have a HMI app that I've got going in lazarus and test running but I've been instructed to ensure that a Delphi compliant app must be ready to activate in any case that does the same and is able to read the same config and project files.

4 times i asked Questions about setup for android and i took ZERO answers.
and when i said my opinion for a buggy IDE  i have to Pages of Comments.

so predictable behavor.

i win 20 euros. because i had guess it already and i make a bet i dont even bother read the answers.

1st time in Windows History you have to make Install By make and gcc.
very cleaver and prototype  like Apple "Think Different"


--- Quote from: Handoko on December 02, 2021, 03:52:09 pm ---Trunk is not for common users.

Don't complain if you don't know how to make it works. As suggested by af0815, use the stable version or the official installer.

--- End quote ---

well actually i have install 10 testing apps on my android device.
the complains is all abou ie. try to install indy components.
try to open demo lamw projects and belive me NOTHING works with my 35 Years of expirience.


--- Quote from: af0815 on December 02, 2021, 03:32:12 pm ---a) installing trunk is at your own risk
b) laz for android is not a Lazarus problem - it is no part of Lazarus. Nor the NDK or SDK. You can ask here,43.0.html
c) for point 3 use the last stable. If you use trunk/master - it is on your own risk.

Only Windows have msi. Delphi is only the lastest stable (other version are not provided).

The 'official installers' are here or use the link on the left side of the forum. This are the official installers.

--- End quote ---

all the Offical Documents i read about it is outdated .
so i trust a video in youtube with trunk version and seems that was the only way to manage to compile some hello world code.
but are too many too many more.
I have a stucked Ide when i click on a component that form goes to background.
and if is to spend i year to learn the Editor to write code then is just waste of time.
problem like that do not exists in Delphi.

and something else if i did not liked ( because looks like delphi 5 ide )  i will not spent 4 days to try to make things work.
so my comments are like that because of the disapoint .

Maybe you haven't read the comments very well: the standard IDE isn't buggy, but you are using the trunk version which by nature is buggy that is why it is trunk.
And if you use trunk you accept the bugs and the work it takes to use it.
If you use the normal standard IDE there is a neat install, so either use the standard IDE or do the work that is needed by trunk.
Trying to put the blame on forum users that always are ready to help everyone is just an insult for those people.
Your negative approach certainly does not invite people to give you serious help.


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