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So many bugs in Lazarus Ide

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I guess I have had a discussion with the OP on fpcupdeluxe issues tracker yesterday.
Opinions have been exchanged. Some issues resolved, some explained, some rejected.
All ok for now.

I've seen similar behavior on other forums for different programming languages.  Newbies/beginners get frustrated, then blame the programming language, IDEs, compilers, or other tools instead of their own actions.  Instead of looking in the mirror first, and reading the manual or help documents, they blame everyone or anything else.  Sometimes, they can have a legitimate complaint, but it's usually best to have some patience, double check what we are doing, and do some research.

I've seen similar with undergraduate (and, extremely rarely) postgraduate students. It had the capability of blowing up beyond anything reasonable (e.g. if the student's consulate made a formal complaint that poorly-maintained equipment had affected the degree they'd paid for) and was almost always caused by three things:

a) Jumping in with both feet with no attempt to learn basic techniques.

b) Being unable to formulate the resulting problems.

c) Being unwilling to ask the support staff who were there to help him.

The result of those three things working together was that when the issue was finally raised it would either be with a tutor several weeks later than it should have been, with senior staff towards the end of the academic year, or at government level.

I recall only one case where the equipment or software genuinely was the cause of the problem.


Fpcupdeluxe is really great! Ok, some small bugs and there and some things that could be better, but that has more to do with everything changing all the time. Also, if you add/remove packages, that Lazarus simply rebuilds itself. And, while not documented very well, there are plenty of makefiles. Debug builds are a bit more complex (and also partly undocumented, AFAIK), but they allow you to step into everything. And, last but not least: if you don't like something, you can change it to your heart's content. Although it is recommended to do it right and submit it as an improvement or plugin. (If your boss allows that, if you did that as part of your job.)

"I use FPC/Lazarus, so it cannot be done" is never a valid excuse ;)

I switched from Delphi (after using it since Delphi 1 in 1996) to Lazarus (182) about four years ago.  I have built many apps, big and small.  My last one was a medical records system for a clinic.  I only use the stable released versions, never the trunk.  My apps are stable, compiles are consistent. Bugs I run into are my own.  I'll never go back to Delphi, Lazarus is just more sensible, many units are better thought out, and do more than in Delphi. In Delphi, I think they've moved to the subscription model, which I don't want, and Delphi is full of bugs that are never fixed, and if they are, a new set of bugs crops up, and the only way to get a bug fix is to get the next version.  Lazarus was built by programmers to be a tool for programmers, not big corp trying to milk everyone.


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