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OnMouseMove/OnMouveLeave not working correctly on Linux


On Windows it works as expected, but not on Linux. I tried Manjaro and Mint.

How to:

1- Execute de App.
2- Move your mouse between the panels as fast as you can.
3- Do not take your mouse off the Form (it's kind of a game to identify the problem).
4- Try to do what I did on the related pic.

Only ONE Panel should be Green.

Same issue has been reported:,37050.msg247726.html#msg247726


--- Quote from: Handoko on December 02, 2021, 05:15:29 am ---Same issue has been reported:,37050.msg247726.html#msg247726

--- End quote ---

Ow, this is so sad!
Do you know if this applies on button components made of TPanels too?
I have many plans to build my own components based on TPanels.

I tested the issue on TForm, TStringGrid, TButton, TShape, TToolbar, TImage, the problem was reproducible on all of them if I run  the code on Linux GTK2. So I believe the bug is in their ancestor class. Button components made of TPanel, I think they will have the same issue too.

I have a workaround for it, not nice but that works:,37050.msg388249.html#msg388249

Oh, i see...

Thanks, Handoko!


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