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[BUG?] [KDE] Is getting hard to change Color by the Object Inspector


Hello! I don't know if it's a bug for everyone, but I can reproduce it on Manjaro KDE 21 and Laz 2.0.12 every time.

Watch the gif until the end, when I finally change the color to clGreen. IDE is writing clBlack when I even press B.
I also tried many things: Ctrl + A, Ctrl + T, Backspace, and Del.

Aren't you supposed to use the dropdown list? What you're typing does not appear in the list which is why I guess you get clBlack.

I'm typing "clGreen", but even before the 'G', just "cl" it already turns into "clBlack" by autocomplete.
Also, paste with CTRL + V it's hard too, sometimes work, other ones not, because the Object Inspector is alive.


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