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Please support debugging under Haiku OS

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Martin, as you see in this topic, user cannot debug the CudaText in Lazarus,

"Debugger error
Ooops, the debugger entered the error state
Save your work now!
Hit Stop, and hope the best, we're pulling the plug.
The debugger failed to get the application's PID.
This may be caused my missing debug info."

The debug-info was added then, as 'embedded', and it don't help.

On some OS pid values either look weird, or gdb uses yet another command to get them.

I can try to have a look, but for that I need a log file

Google says Haiku has a POSIX api. Maybe FpDebug works? (if fpc thinks it compiles for linux, or if the IDE sets defines to activate Linux code....)

Martin, I may ask the user about logs but maybe it's hard for him to test it (and to activate FpDebug), so it will be better if _you_ take a look. Haiku OS can be installed for 10-30 min, maybe take a look at it?

Sorry, but I don't currently have the time to test this myself.

To clarify, if I get a log, this also means it depends on how exactly it fails.
- Might be just adjusting a search pattern => ok
- Might be a lot more => then I don't know if/when I can deal with it

Another thing, the first google hit on haiku gdb
suggests gdb does not actually work ...

Btw, maybe there is a workaround

In the debugger options/ property grid
  InternalStartBreak = gdbsNone

Might avoid the pid check.
Might also have side effects, that the pause-button does not work, and breakpoints can not be changed while the app runs / not sure.

Or, instead of running in the debugger: run without debugger, then attach. (Again not tested)

Fred vS:

First Initial release of Haiku was in 2002.
And the last release is still a Beta release.

Are there here Haiku users that may tell us what advantage has Haiku vs Linux or FreeBSD ?



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