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[SOLVED] Adjusting scroll speed on IDE editor


Hi all,

I'm seeing the following minor but annoying issue on MacOS (11.6 Big Sur but also on Catalina) - the scroll rate on the editor is extremely high such that a tiny input on the trackpad scrolls a very large distance on the editor file.

This has been the case since upgrading to v2.0.12, however the same Lazarus version on Linux (Fedora 35) does not behave in this way.

I've looked through the options menu and can't see a scroll rate setting but if there is one, or another workaround/fix it'd be good to know about.

I  realise I could adjust the scroll rate in system settings, but am reluctant to do this as Lazarus is the only application that shows this behaviour.

Thanks in advance for any help!



If it differs between 2 Lazarus, on the exact same system (both using the same WidgetSet), and the new version is "way to fast", then there may have been a bug introduced. => What was the previous version, before you upgraded to 2.0.12? (Is this Cocoa, or still Carbon?).

In any case, Tools > Options > Editor > Mouse.
=> Go to the "Wheel" tab.
You can choose between the speed "System" or "Single Line".

Depending on what causes your issue, that may help...

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick reply. Switching to Single Line fixed it. Many thanks!

This is Cocoa - previously was on (I think) 2.0.11 but can't be certain.



A little additional information on this:

On my other Mac which is still running Mojave 10.14.6, using the system speed for mouse wheel doesn't result in excessive scroll speed.
This machine is using Lazarus/fpc 2.0.12/3.2.2 svn revision 64642 2021-10-24 installed using fpcupdeluxe.

The Mac which did exhibit excessive scroll speed is currently using 2.0.12/3.2.0 downloaded from the Lazarus site but it was previously using 2.0.12/3.2.2 and the excessive scrolling issue was still present.

Which is a rather convoluted way of saying that I think the issue is something to do with the MacOS version rather than the Lazarus/fpc version and it was introduced somewhere between MacOS 10.14.6 and MacOS 11.6.

Hope that's of use


John C


The issue above isn't directly related, but I posted a patch in the comments of the issue that addresses the excessive scrolling speed in addition to the reported issue.  Aside from not working on OS X 10.6, it should be safe for anyone to apply.


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