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get the value of the dollar in each currency of each country

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good night brothers, does anyone know how to get the updated price of the dollar in the currency of each country?
for example to obtain the public IP I have seen that a website is consulted and a result is received.
If someone has any idea please help me.

I am sure by now you will find it kind of hard to simply down load a single file which would nice of course if you could find a reliable link to do so..

Have a look here. It is an example of getting the current exchange rates

 Of course you need to understand C a little and a little XML.

Be aware that the terms of use for all the currency websites I've used explicitly forbid the automatic or manual systematic extraction of their data.

Maybe it's overkill, but using Python within Lazarus is a very powerful way of getting and updating any kind of data from the web. You could install Python4Lazarus (maintained by Alexey), write a python script and run it within a Lazarus application. From Python you could even have the script start a (headless, invisible) browser that manages logins, and then saves your data to disk. Some components in Python4Lazarus have events so you can get a notice when certain things has taken place within the script while it is running.

There is a learning curve for doing this, but if the data is difficult to get it could be worth it. I use Spyder 4.0 to write and test scripts, it has code-completion. If you go this route, I suggest installing something like Spyder, write a python script that successfully grabs data and then run it from Lazarus. You probably want to parse, check and save the data in a database and being a beginner in Python I prefer doing that using Lazarus and Object Pascal.


--- Quote from: Ericktux on November 28, 2021, 04:32:50 am ---does anyone know how to get the updated price of the dollar in the currency of each country?

--- End quote ---
I have a small program for this on my github:


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