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LAMW: creating new components

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When you create new component in LAMW it is named by adding number to class name, e.g. jButton1 for jButton, jTextView1 for jTextView.

This is different behaviour from LCL, where 'T' letter is dropped (e.g. name is Button1 for TButton).

Is there a reason why is so? Could that be changed (so jButton would be named Button1, jTextView would be named TextView1)?


--- Quote ---Is there a reason why is so?

--- End quote ---


--- Quote --- Could that be changed...

--- End quote ---

I will try...

Thank you!


--- Quote from: jmpessoa on November 27, 2021, 04:08:50 pm ---I will try...

--- End quote ---
Ain't that gonna break compatibility?


--- Quote ---Ain't that gonna break compatibility?

--- End quote ---

No. We will try  change only the variable name generated by IDE when a component is dropped on form...

Done for visual components !!!

Thanks to @A.S!


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