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Projects do not open properly


In recent versions opening previous projects by clicking on a .lpi file does not work properly: parts of the previous project still remain active. Under Linux, this is even more dramatic: the previous project stays active, the new one is not even read.

I tried to report that bug, but failed to login on gitlab.

brgs, gsc

"In recent versions"... what on Earth use is that?

Are you getting caught by the problem that versions later than 2.0.12 (I think) changed the format of the .lpi such that older versions can no longer read it? Can cause no end of confusion (BTDT).

In a recent version, go to Project -> Options -> Miscellaneous and check the "Maximise compatibility of project files" option. I /think/ you can rely on that persisting if the project is subsequently modified by an older version, but I wouldn't bet on how far back that goes.



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