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Why it is so slow to load Lazarus Forum Web?

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Hi guys,

It took about 15 seconds to load this forum website.
Tried on PC and mobile, phone, same respond, slow.
Why is it?

Problem is not from my internet, cause to load others web, it only takes less than a second.


Yes it is strange:

Since some days there are sometimes awful response times.

But 10 minutes later all works normal. And then again: waiting ...

Are there attacks to the web-server?


Yesterday (25th) was particularly slow, today seems better. I was keeping a particular eye on this and comparing it with responses from eBay etc. in case it indicated a network problem at this end which could affect business telecoms etc.

The fact that multiple people notice this suggests that it's at the server end, or near the server end's routing.

26th 09:20: Response moderately slow again.


Page load times downunder vary between 15s and 45s depending on the time of day, with some days being worse than others. Tonight it's better at 6s to load a page. The mornings are generally worse (UTC+10).

Yesterday afternoon was /particularly/ bad.

GMT here and proud of it: we invented this stuff.



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