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Good afternoon

Is there any way to create a non-blocking http server in Lazarus?

I've tried it with fphttpserver and fphttpapp but it loses packages with more than 100 simultaneous users


i think you can use INDY (

Download via OPM (Ctrl-Alt-O or Strg-Alt-O) if installed in Lazarus.

I'll look into Indy.

Does anyone know how to use fpWeb, fphttpserver or fphttpapplication in async, non-block or working with events?

As an alternative you could try the LNET components. Also installable through Online Package Manager.

Remy Lebeau:

--- Quote from: sstvmaster on November 23, 2021, 10:57:09 pm ---i think you can use INDY

--- End quote ---

There is nothing non-blocking about Indy. However, in this case, its TIdHTTPServer component is multi-threaded, not non-blocking. Each client runs in its own thread, and then you can perform blocking operations in each thread.


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