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Rosetta Stone Or Rosetta Code?


Was the page mislabeled on purpose?  I can understand that being the case, as Rosetta Stone is so famous a word, that I have made such a mistake when meaning Rosetta Code instead.  However, if the purpose is to point people to Rosetta Code, it should be more obvious. 

Rosetta Code would be the more obvious place to get code examples for Pascal.  Even if it was not mislabeled, it might be a good idea to have its own page.


1) Maybe have 2 pages, where one is called Rosetta_Stone and the other Rosetta_Code.
2) Make the word Rosetta Code more obvious and prominent, so people are more clearly directed to the site.

The Rosetta Code page for Pascal

The purpose of the page appears to /not/ be to point people at the well-known Rosetta Code site.

Perhaps, for the metaphor to hold, somebody ought to add a third column for Mac commands :-)


No, I don't think it was mistitled.


--- Quote from: trev on November 24, 2021, 12:34:13 am ---No, I don't think it was mistitled.
--- End quote ---

Rosetta Stone was a key to decrypt Egyptian hyeroglyphs because the same text was written in 3 languages, of which one was known (ancient Greek).

Rosetta Code is a wiki-based programming website with implementations of common algorithms in many different programming languages. Resemblance with Rosetta Stone is obvious, as is the inspiration for the name.

So, there is a clear differentiantion between the two.


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