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ShellApi in Lazarus.

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--- Quote from: seghele0 on November 24, 2021, 05:42:12 pm ---Thank you for the info.
Why the same program compiling, in Windows and in Linux?
Wine is a good solution to use any Windows program (exe), but wine may still need to be updated!
This is a work for advanced programmers.

--- End quote ---
And as you just experienced, it's NOT!
scientific principle: A statement is proven wrong, if there is only one piece of counter-evidence

Thank you all for your intervention.
Maybe 'wine' isn't yet fully adapted to Windows 11 about function "opendocument".

It's got nothing to do with Windows 11
Wine doesn't know which native Programs are installed on your Linux-Box
Wine doesn't know, that a PDF should be opened with this and that NATIVE Linux-Program



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