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[Closed] How to find active folder path?

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Hi All,
Given     : I have a situation about saving the image on the Clipboard to the active folder.
Wanted  : Is there a way to get the active folder path in file explorer?
Solution : ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respects.

Define what you mean. by "active folder".

I meant current file path in Active File Explorer.

How is that supposed to work?
You have File Explorer open, but the moment you click in your Program the File Explorer loses focus
What about if File Exploerer is not open at all?
What about multiple File Explorers open showing different folders?

I'd rather think again about your design

trev and Zvoni thank you very much for taking the trouble to think about the subject, even for a moment, and responding.
Zvoni, Yes, you're right, I hadn't thought of the focus point.
In this case, I should say:
When I copy the screenshot to the clipboard with the image recorder, I want to save the image file in the last processed folder.


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