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New laz4android2.0.12 !

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Hello all,

New version laz4android2.0.12-FPC3.2.0 released.

You can download from here:

Laz4Android is a Lazarus for Android Package.
Thanks the FreePascal team and the Lazarus team.
Now Laz4Android is only run on Windows.Sorry for this!

I recommend using laz4android + LAMW(Lazarus Android Module Wizard) to develop android apps.

LAMW on this:,21919.0.html

Last update:2021-11-22
FPC: 3.2.0 (win32/win64/arm-android/aarch64-android/i386-android/x86_64-android/jvm-android)
Android NDK: r19c

1.Update to Lazarus 2.0.12 source + FPC 3.2.0
2.Update to Android NDK r19c
3.Add Win64, aarch64-android, x86_64-android
How to install Laz4Android?

1.You can download a installer file from here:
- Double click the installer file
- Next , Next to finished.

2.You can download a 7z compressed file from here:
- Unzip 7z file to e.g.  c:\laz4android
- Please run build.bat (double click it), it will compile and build laz4android.


Thanks and best regards!

Thank you for this great achivement.


@truetom Since I don't find the wiki topic about the project, can you write it (you may write just here on the forum too)?

Thanks.  Good to see.


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