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--- Quote from: dbannon on November 23, 2021, 02:22:40 am ---Depending on your need, maybe you don't need to use git at all ?  gitlab will allow you to download a zip file of whatever branch/tag you nominate.  Its a reasonably quick 50meg download.  If you are not planning to generate pull requests or update daily, I suggest its a lot easier.

You just use the gitlab webpage, navigate to Lazarus, select the tag/branch you want from left hand side, click the download button, second rightmost button.  No knowledge of git required, no install of git required, no history.

--- End quote ---

Yes that is what I have ended up with. I have to supply my scripts with the correct download URL and then it uses a wget command to download the xxx.tar.gz file, which is then expanded and the output dir renamed to the numeric version.
I do not need GIT nor SVN for source control, I just want the server to supply the authentic sources for building the tools.


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