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Option to make copies of required packages to the project fodler.


Is it possible to have the IDE make a copy of any installed package being on the toolbar or just runtime only in a folder of your project for future reference if the project gets reopened at some later date with a different install of laz that may not have those packages ?
 This also includes Frames that you maybe using in the project..

 I have Delphi projects from other Devs and they tend to use third party components that I don't have on my D install nor does Lazarus have them even if I were to port the project over..

 Its a real problem when you give someone the source code to be maintained when they don't have other supported files needed from third party installs.

 I was looking at the Delphi options I don't see it there and I don't see it in lazarus ether.

 I know I can do this manually but I don't always remember these things after you get used to always installing a component etc.

  The IDE would need to know what exactly gets installed by default so it can make a copy of required resources over to your project "Resource Folder" etc...

 Did I miss something ?

I want such a feature too. Really much needed.
If I had a talent to do, I would never stop, I would do it.


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