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Translation files (both po and pot) cleared on Windows



I've been working with a multilanguage app, starting out on macOS. I got it working there and it runs fine. However when I tried to compile on Windows, all translation strings in the po/pot relating to Forms (in lfm files?) are just deleted. However strings I've specified in *.pas files are kept.

It doesn't recreate them either, so it
a) deletes all strings found in LFM files (buttons, labels, gui stuff)
b) still keeps things defined in PAS files (even those connected to an LFM)
c) doesn't recreate the strings it deletes, meaning I can't even start over,

So it seems aware of the l18n but it cant scan the forms?

Has anyone had this issue before?
Thanks :)

I think I solved it by opening the forms, resizing them and moving buttons/labels around


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