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Recently my Lazarus debugger (GDB) has become very slow even when there are no breakpoints, so slow that it is impractical to use.
What can I look for or do?
I am using Lazarus 2.0.11 and GDB 7.11.1 under Ubuntu 16.04

try to us a newer Lazarus and fpDebug. See

Thanks, the fpdebugger did the trick.
But was has happened to the GDB?


--- Quote from: hakelm on November 19, 2021, 05:00:13 pm ---But was has happened to the GDB?

--- End quote ---

Not sure why you experienced a sudden slowdown using gdb.  I have also experienced it occasionally on Linux Mint. I can further vouch that fpdebug is generally quicker than gdb, especially when debugging Lazarus itself.  This is at least partially due to fpdebug being compiled into Lazarus and not called as an external program (in my opinion).

Yes. +1
The GDB experience always depended on its version, other libs involved, the OS, IPC etc.
I am happy that FpDebug is usable now. It is already faster and it will get better over time. Eventually it will support property getter methods when FPC adds support for it.
I understood FpDebug does not work on every platform yet. Where it works it is the nro 1. choice now.


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