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TDbedit doesn't work


TDBEdit doesn't work. Simplest MySQL Database with 1 table of two columns. On the form there are: DBEdit, DBGrid, DBNavigator. DBGrid has dgEditing option = true. Fields of DBGrid are not accessible. Meanwhile, I resently have done the similar program that works fine with two similar tables and I didn't care when used DBEdit, DBGrid, DBNavigator. Everything worked. Whhat do I do wrong now?


--- Quote from: syalyshev on November 16, 2021, 03:39:41 pm --- Whhat do I do wrong now?

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Not to enclose a simple sampleprogram.

With your input i can only say - is the resultset from the db editable ? If it is a readonly dataset, you cant edit it. It can depend on your used Query. Without a (found) primary key it will be readonly. 


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