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i Just install Lazarus on freebsd

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--- Quote from: nick1965 on November 15, 2021, 02:17:27 pm ---so explain me pelase why  when i try as root all packages installed corectly
and why when i try as single user i get error on package.

is it a lazarus Bug????

--- End quote ---

Possibly because you have used root to do some other config thing and you already have that problem I mentioned.

You have not told us how you installed Lazarus in the first place, I am not familiar with freebsd so don't even know what the default is. My guess is if you describe your install model, it will all become clear. It might be worthwhile checking to see if there are any root owned files in your lazarus config directory, probably ~/.lazarus/

As a general comment, Lazarus on Unix like systems installed from packages must be started using the startlazarus command to ensure the remapping from root to user space works.  Lazarus compiled from source, IMHO always a better solution, can be started using lazarus command (although I believe startlazarus does no harm).


It's a FreeBSD permissions problem which explains why using root or sudo works.

See  BugTracker.

I haven't had time to track down the cause.

Wow, in that case, nick1965, I appologise, yes, it is a Lazarus bug !

And a strange one at that.  My suggestion is now definitely try to install Lazarus from source and see if it is still a problem. The model that Lazarus uses on Unix to allow people to use package managers to install (and therefore install in root space) but still give you, the user/programmer write access is complicated. Clever for sure but complicated things go wrong. Install from source, the linux instructions will probably be all you need.

And please let us know if that fixes the bug !


My problem was the AV i was getting on idhttpserver
I Define UseCThreads and everything works Fine.

thank you.


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