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Win 10 install gone bad

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--- Quote from: Jorg3000 on November 15, 2021, 03:40:40 pm ---
--- Quote ---While on Linux those spaces can be escaped, afaik on Windows they can not (or no one has figured out how).
--- End quote ---

On Windows, command line parameters can be enclosed in quotes if they contain a space.

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Yes, and that did not work. At least not back when it was last tested.... Not for some of the listed tools.


White spaces in file- and directory names should be forbidden!
Nothing but trouble everywhere.
In scripts.
At installation.
A great nonsense!

As substitute you can uses the hyphen or the underscore which are allowed.

And in linux you can use a smiley or a YinYang in filenames . If you like.


In some language versions of Windows, "Program Files" is translated into a name without spaces.
E.g. in a German Windows you can use C:\Programme\Lazarus\ as installation path. This works.
You are out of luck if the localized name also contains a space.

If you use an English Windows, the localization is unused. If you want, you can then set up your own "localized" name without a space, e.g. "Programs".
To do this, start Notepad as administrator, open C:\Program Files\Desktop.ini
There you enter: LocalizedResourceName=Programs
After restarting Windows the folder is addressable as "Program Files" as well as "Programs".


--- Quote from: svtdoug on November 15, 2021, 02:14:02 am ---Well, this is not going well from the start.  Lazarus wants to install in the root of my C:\\ drive?  WTFO?  In fact, if I try to select the conventional Windows location for program files of c:\\Program Files\ or c:\\Program Files (X86)\- it can't accept spaces in the path?  WTFO.   Why is this?


--- End quote ---

Just create a Share for "C:\Program Files\Lazarus" as "Lazarus" and then install using the UNC shared name; example: "\\ComputerName\Lazarus". You may be required to resolve the path for one of the tools on first execution.

Long path names with spaces should always be surrounded by double quotes.'"c:\program files\*"' etc, note the single quotes around it to make it a Pascal string. So ', subsequently " obviously
You can also use the shortpath API. Then it becomes 'C:\PROGRA~1\ '. This is supported by Freepascal.
The UNC (canonical) API should also work indeed.


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