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libQt5Pas for ARM (32 bit)

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I am on Linux x64 PC (Ubuntu 20), and do cross-compiling.
On compiling for ARM with Qt5 WS I got

Error: /home/user/fpcupdeluxe/fpcupdeluxe32/cross/bin/arm-linux/arm-linux-gnueabihf-ld: cannot find -lQt5Pas

How can I solve it?

I know that I see libqt5Pas files for ARM, in the "cross/lib" subdir. So I just need that precompiled files. Where to get em?

For aarch64 these files are in the "cross/lib/aarch64-linux":

Seem that libQt5Pas isn't in path

Alextp, if you used this to setup your cross compiler, I did not test for or even cover Qt5, its all GTK2, sorry !

But if you look back over the process again, we grabbed a whole lot of libraries from the RasPi and took them over for our cross compile setup.  If you have already setup your RasPi for Qt5 apps, you will get libqt5pas1 with the rest. Or should.

So, please go back to where you got the arm libraries from, see if they include libqt5pas1, sure you can work it out from there.

libqt5pas-dev is equally easily fixed, all i really contains is a symlink ->

You may need to make that symlink in the directory where the arm library is on the cross compile machine.

Untested but should all work ...


I don't use RPi, I got cross-compiler from fpcupdeluxe on Linux x64. It installs Qt5pas libs for aarch64, but not for ARM!


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