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I guess I need help in how to use the TDBNavigator. Do you just place it on the form, set the datasource property and it just works, or is there something else I need to do?

And before someone suggests I read the wiki, I already have!

Thanks in advance,

That should work.

Put a TDataSet descendant, like TSQLQuery, and a datasource that is linked to the dataset.
Then, drop TDBNavigator, and other DB visual controls, e.g. TDBGrid, TDBEdit, etc., and link datasources of them to the previous one. Then they should work once you open the dataset.

Jurassic Pork:
you have an example how to use it  in my sqlite3 database example project coming with lazarus distribution (in lazarus/examples/database/image_mushrooms)
Friendly, J.P

A big thank you to you guys for trying to help. Embarrassing as it is it seems I solved this same issue before myself  :-[,7270.0.html


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