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SHGetFileInfoW and extra-long pathes

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Exactly that yes, an option in Lazarus.

While you can workaround with \\?\ (and I did in some cases before this option), the advantage is that one missing \\?| doesn't lead to a broken program (since these kinds of issues are typically not that often tested/encountered). Also using the option the program contains less non-portable code.

The price is an upping of the Windows version, but that will get less by time. Note also the utf-8 unicode option.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate.

I definitely need to change my glasses  :o

I made a quick test using the latest Lazarus RC2:
- remove \\?\... with long file option activated: quite all Windows functions I use failed (I might need to investigate more if need)
- put back \\?\... with long file option activated: quite all Windows functions I use work
In both cases, the icon seem to be working normally. I do not really know what this option does, but at the first sight, it seems to be working on my particular issue.

I will try to build again with the previous stable version, testing x86, Windows Seven, ... I also need to modify a few functions that seem to continue to fail.

I might have not understood the price you mentionned. I ignored the utf8 option as a Windows 10 seems to be a prerequisite.

I also might have not understood: I can make some testing of those Windows functions with this option activated and \\?\ not passed to those functions and test the result in my environment (it took me less than a minute to find a 276 characters long file+path name in my environment, do you mean it should be interesting in the project?

EDIT: I do not have the option under 2.0.8, so maybe I will make some tests and results with 2.2.0RC2 and post them here if it is somehow useful. Unfortunately, so far, my test computer is under hardware maintenance for the week


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