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--- Quote from: marcov on November 17, 2021, 02:10:59 pm ---Zvoni, language please!

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Sorry, marco und to OP.
Just having a bad day.....

What really mystifies me: Since when do you need a port to Create a Database?
OP stated he has a Firebird-Server running, which listens on Port 3052 (instead of 3050).
You need the port to CONNECT to the Server.
Once you're connected, you can create, drop, change Databases, Tables, dirty socks, wifes, girlfriends without specifying which port

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To test, simply change the firebird server port, when trying to connect to a database that does not exist, the exception will happen, in the exception handling run the CreateDB command

Does Firebird have maintenance database? Like MySQL has „mysql“?
With MySQL i always connect to that database since it exists on every server.
If FB has something similar, connect to that, and then create your DB


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