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Compile lazarus from beginning

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It does not work anymore since the move to git (built using TortoisSVN command line tools) and I don't maintain it anymore.

also need binutils and a bootstrap fpc compiler

Thank you for sharing!
It is clear that the script needs an update before it will work but it gives me some insight.

nummer8, are you aware of ?

It has not been updated since Lazarus moved to git but apart from the downloading aspect, it should be pretty right.

Downloading the source ?  You can obviously use git but unless you want a constantly updated version, I would recommend downloading the zip file. It takes only a handful of seconds on my system and it requires no additional infrastructure.

As far as using a script goes, be careful, scripts need to have error and sanity checking, the old adage is never try to script something you cannot, first, do by hand.

Once you get on top of what you are doing, maybe you might consider updating that wiki page I pointed to at the top of this post ?  Really needs a Windows user, rev and I have hacked away at it but he is a Mac user and I, Linux !



I read the wiki article from section "Building Lazarus" and it is correct.

As you already noted, the downloading part should be rewritten for git, all mentions of svn should be removed.

I also don't like section "Installing Lazarus on a portable USB device" to be at the top. This is really not what people expect when asking for how to install Lazarus. It should be moved towards the end of the article.


Thank You, I am aware of that article.
I am trying to get a grip on directory layout and config for FPC. There is a difference in directory lay-out for FPC between windows and *nix.
At this point I can't see clear how the install works on a file (directory) level. What is needed and in what directory is it. I have red the buildfaq.pdf and I am trying install and compile FPC (including crosscompile) with a few scripts as starting point.
Not just to run them but to extract the different commands from them and replay the complete compile steps.
You are right, a script is a bunch of commands that you should have tested individually!!

Getting the sourcecode from gitlab is  not the problem. Understanding which directory is needed for what is the problem for me.
If I understand what is put where and for what reason, then I can use it in any situation.

The install through scripts and by hand is the learning purpose.

Installing Lazarus from hand is the easy part. After setting the FPC in the right spot, download and compile of Lazarus is almost everytime without a problem.



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